Giant Inflatable Ape Costume - Premium Chub Suit®

Sale price$350.00


  • Premium Quality inflates quickly
  • Long battery life (Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery)
  • Spacious interior with Harness System
  • Realist look
  • Cushioned soles in feet
  • 2 way zipper
  • Synthetic hair
  • Easy visibility
  • Easily fits anyone sizing 5’ to 6’5” comfortably
  • Convenient storage when deflated
  • 7.5 - 8 feet tall when worn

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Reply to @cheekyboyos At the park with my friends #chubsuit

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Customer Reviews

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Hold your money

The first "delivery" was blotched by UPS by dropping it by the front gate (in full view of the street), had a hard time getting a hold of chubsuits and UPS to rectified. Chubsuits didn't respond to emails till I called my cc company then got a response.

As for the suit (that finally did arrive) the supplied battery (stated to last an hour) only lasts 42 minutes at best. Tried to get a hold of chubsuits but no luck yet. Bought a highest capacity battery that Talentcell make and that didn't work (see my review on Amazon) so I got the one that chubsuits sells on Amazon since chubsuits is currently out ofstock. That one only lasts 1 hr and 22 minutes, and again can't reach chubsuits by email. But the suit itself is pretty cool. I'll post pics when I get them in a week and a half.

Eric Costello

Exactly what is pictured. Not my first seat from them but the addition of the vest great!


battery died


Gets good laughs from anyone. The hair does get in your mouth though. Vision and Hearing are very impaired within the suit.

Great fun!

Bought the “businessman ape” costume. Ordered the suit on a Thursday and was on my doorstep by the following Monday. Directions for suiting up were straight forward and easy to understand. The quality of the suit materieals exceeded my expectations and were a lot better than those cheap inflatable suits you see in stores.

I wore this suit to hand out Halloween candy and mess around with trick or treaters where it was a huge hit! (especially among the kids who dressed as “a certain Italian plumber”). Also entered into a costume contest at my work where I came in second place. Despite that, my coworkers were talking about my chubsuit for days!

The only thing keeping me from giving this suit 5 stars are two (very minor) issues. First one is the battery that came with the suit. After charging it up all the way for six hours, I only managed to get 30-40 minutes of battery life. The battery also had a very warm feel to it during the time I was wearing it. I ended up buying the 2-hour battery which functioned much better. The other issue is that the red tie that comes with the suit isn’t attached to the body, but comes separate and is to be attached using a safety pin. I don’t know about you, but probably not the best idea to use a pin to attach something to what is basically an oversized balloon. Maybe using velcro to attach the tie would be a better alternative?

Overall, I think this is the greatest costume I’ve ever bought. All the smiles, laughs, and compliments was worth the price alone! Definitely a costume I could keep and use for many years to come. I would absolutely reccomend chub suits to my friends!

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