Giant Inflatable Gorilla 2.0 Costume - Premium Chub Suit®

Sale price$350.00


  • Premium Quality inflates quickly
  • Long battery life (Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery)
  • Spacious interior with Harness System
  • Realist look
  • Cushioned soles in feet
  • 2 way zipper
  • Synthetic hair
  • Easy visibility
  • Easily fits anyone sizing 5’ to 6’5” comfortably
  • Convenient storage when deflated
  • 7.5 - 8 feet tall when worn

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Melissa king
Awesome loved it!

So cool and real! Son loved it

Dominic Crowder
fun time but poor quality

Suit was super fun while it lasted. I wore it about two times before the glue on the Velcro came off. I contacted support and got no help. I’ve tried fixing it myself but it hasn’t worked. Would buy again if it was higher quality

Lenny S.
Great suit but straps…

I have to agree with some other reviews. I had a strap break on me first use. It wasn’t even that tight but it snapped.. other than that no complaints yet. Suit is awesome.

Kermit Echevarria


Travis James
Absolute Joy To Wear.

So much fun, despite the obvious restrictions, along with both the challenging and time-consuming process of getting in and out of the suit (especially when on one's own).

It is all about the experience in between once it is on and inflated. The pros do outweigh the cons.

- Mobility is better than I first thought.
- So much space inside, don't get claustrophobic at all.
- Love the tinted chest window. Most times one can see out and no one is able to see in. The privacy is comforting for me and adds to character whilst the mystery of it all adds to the joy.
-The built in shoes are fantastic. Fit me very well. Love the complete enclosure the suit provides, really helps to create the character.
-The double interior zip sliders are genius. Makes the suiting up process that little bit easier.
- So far have had no issues with the straps and clips.

There are cons though:

- The integrity of the stitching around the straps is questionable. So I do take precaution when suiting up and always rest the suit on something to ensure the straps aren't hanging and causing too much stress to the stitching.
- The fur does indeed get caught in the track of the zipper both inside and out. Very irksome trying to zip and unzip it every time.
- Being the fairly short person I am (roughly 5 foot 6), there isn't an ideal level to where the suit is raised for all-purpose use (that being everything one can do whilst wearing the suit). The best vision involves me not using the arms. The straps only do so much. So I now and then tend to wear something thick underneath to provide a little more support in raising the suit up. If only I grew a little taller.

Overall, the suit remains fun to wear around. I probably won't take it to such comical extremes like those in clips I've seen on the Chubsuits social media pages. But I'll still have my ways enjoying the suit.

So long as one treats the suit with care and takes a gentle, strategic approach in suiting up, they're guaranteed to have little to no problems.

I recommend this product.

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